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Our dentist office in Waynesboro, VA will put a smile on your face!

At Magnolia Dental, our dental center staff is ready to support you each step of the way. Together, we'll improve the health of your teeth!

At Magnolia Dental of Waynesboro, VA, our dentist office will work tirelessly to improve the health of your teeth and help you regain your confident smile. Our team of exceptional dentists will discuss all care options enabling you to select the treatment that will provide the best possible dental result.

Our Waynesboro-based dental professionals specialize in standard and cosmetic dentistry. They are highly trained and have access to the latest technology in our state-of-the-art dental center. By utilizing advanced knowledge and technology, we’re confident that you’ll receive the finest dental care in the industry. Click the link below or peruse our sub pages to learn more regarding your dental health in Waynesboro.

Dr. Richards M. Miller

Dentist office experts in Waynesboro, VA
General dentistry and orthodontics

Dr. Richards R. Miller and Dr. Kip Davis

Dentist office experts in Waynesboro, VA
General dentistry and oral surgery and general dentistry, oral surgery and Endodontics

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