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Pediatrics Dentistry for the Waynesboro, VA, Area

We turn your dental problems into a beautiful, healthy smile

Enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile without the stress normally associated with a visit to the dentist. At Magnolia Dental in Waynesboro, VA we will treat your teeth replacement needs with the sensitivity and dedicated care you deserve. From basic check-ups to emergency surgery, we handle every situation with professionalism, expertise and a friendly smile. Let us help you bring out your pearly whites. Call us today.

Convenient location

In the event of serious teeth replacement issues or if you are in need of emergency surgery, Magnolia Dental's convenient location in Waynesboro can enable you to get the care you need quickly and easily. Our welcoming, state-of-the-art practice will put you at ease allowing us to immediately diagnose and treat your dental problems
A technician offering pediatrics dentistry services in Waynesboro, VA

Dental hygiene

Our highly skilled and experienced staff believes that everyone is entitled to a beautiful, healthy smile. At Magnolia Dental, we will work with your budget so that you can afford comprehensive oral and dental care. Whether you're in need of braces and veneers, polishing or teeth replacement, we are here to nurture your smile.
Teeth replacement in Waynesboro, VA

Customized care

At Magnolia Dental, we are as passionate about your dental hygiene as we are about our own. That’s why we tailor treatments to your specific dental problems. Our customized dental treatments promote daily oral hygiene, pain relief and preventive care. Visit our practice in Waynesboro to learn how our customized care will bring a smile to your face.
Teeth replacement in Waynesboro, VA
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